Rice and Iron is a blog dedicated to better understanding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s search for economic security. While the wider North Korea studies community remains largely focused on political and military issues, this blog aims to fill a crucial gap in the analysis, informing readers on developments that affect the very foundations of society. By following key indicators and drawing parallels to historical case studies, we try to shed light on current market conditions for food acquisition, energy production capacity, and other issues that will determine the country’s prospects for long-term growth and regional integration. We strive to be the starting point for any questions on North Korea’s future prospects and a leading voice in developing strategies for investment and reconstruction.

To contact the editors directly, please email nkfoodblog@gmail.com

About the editors:

Scott LaFoy is currently a consultant with CSIS and lives in Arlington, VA. He focuses in satellite imagery, security, and energy security in the DPRK. He graduated from Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, minoring in both Japanese and Asian Studies. Follow Scott on Twitter @wslafoy

Yong Kwon is a blogger for The Diplomat, covering the politics, economics, and geopolitics of the Korean Peninsula. His articles have also appeared on the Motley Fool, Sino-NK, NK News, Asia Times Online, and Alternatives Internationales. He holds a Master’s Degree in economic history from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Follow Yong on Twitter @ykwon88

About the contributors:

Gerard Clare is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow, exploring and analyzing the contemporary development of the Russian Far East. His professional interests also extend to DPRK-Russia relations and the history of Russia’s territory in the Far East. You can follow him on Twitter @stakhanovite

5 Responses to About

  1. Albert Hong says:

    I’m Albert Hong a reporter of the Radio Free Asia in Washington DC. Can I have your contact number, please? I want to talk with you about N.Korea’s food situation. Thanks. My email is honga@rfa.org.

  2. Yann Mens says:

    I am chief editor of the French magazine Alternatives Internationales.
    I would like to get in touch with Yong Kwon to propose him to contribute to our next edition

  3. Mike Page says:

    Dear Editors,

    I’m writing to you about the book, A Capitalist in North Korea, which we be released in on August 12, 2014. As NKFood covers a broad range of North Korea-related topics, I thought you might be interested in receiving an advanced copy for review.

    The author, Felix Abt, lived in North Korea for seven years in the 2000’s and has the rare distinction of being one of the few Westerners to have successfully conducted business there. He co-founded the European Business Association and the Pyongyang Business School and went on to become a point man for Western Investments in the country. As such, he was given wider access than almost any other outsider, visited seven of the nine provinces and more than two dozen cities. Felix interviewed hundreds of high-ranking government officials and ordinary North Koreans during his time there.

    A Capitalist in North Korea covers his experiences and sheds light on the multifaceted society he found—a society which is rarely shown and even deliberately ignored by the Western Media.

    Review copies are available if you’re interested in a copy. Also, Felix is available for interviews. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Mike Page

    More information about A Capitalist in North Korea be found here:

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