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Pyongyang’s growing concern with environmental degradation

We noted in a recent post that the North Korean state was taking active measures to decisively control the rural sector. One of the signs that led us to this conclusion was the state’s active enforcement of the de jure … Continue reading

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New Anti-Ship Missile Option for DPRK Frigates

This article was originally posted at NK News. Most of this is an update to our earlier examination of the new helicopter frigates’ capabilities. With the possible addition of a Kh-35 anti-ship missile to the arsenal, we felt a map update was … Continue reading

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Diligence in Imagery

So there is a lot of buzz about the DPRK possibly adding the Kh-35 cruise missile to its naval arsenal over the past couple weeks. The full ramifications of this new acquisition aside, the analysis that has so far come … Continue reading

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Of weathermen, farmers, and the state

One June 10, Rodong Sinmun reported that Kim Jong-un provided field guidance at the national hydro-meteorological service, directing the institute’s staff to improve their delivery of “meteorological and climatic information required by various fields of national economy.” Taking into account Pyongyang’s … Continue reading

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Brief Review of The North Korean People’s Army: Origins and Current Tactics by James Minnich

Recently I’ve been working on a major project which hasn’t been made public yet, and as I’ve built up my research materials I keep coming back to a book that I’d highly recommend to anybody interested in the Korean People’s … Continue reading

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Is Pyongyang’s investment in steel prudent?

In April we made the claim that allocating a greater share of Pyongyang’s budget to achieve a 108.3% increase in the country’s annual steel output is unproductive. Instead of steel, we argued that increasing consumer goods production to ensure market … Continue reading

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North Korean gold and globalization

Back in April we asked who would buy Kim Il-sung’s bling? At the time, we were certain that China was importing North Korean gold; however, we did not expect to find several high-profile American firms sourcing North Korean gold for … Continue reading

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Of Fishermen and Borders

We recently published a few of articles focusing on North Korea’s struggle to control its territorial waters. From the exploitation of offshore oil deposits to the construction of the conspicuously ineffective pair of frigates, Pyongyang appears to be doubling its … Continue reading

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