Reintroducing the Blog

Dear Readers,

You may have notices that the blog was a bit quiet this February and March. We have been working on new research and new directions, and are excited to resume posting articles and materials regularly.

But first, we would like to announce that we are rebranding the blog.

When we first started this blog in 2012, it was amidst furious debate in Washington over whether or not the U.S. should supply North Korea with food aid. Expecting continued U.S. engagement in North Korea, we initially named our blog “North Korea food aid blog” – however, with direct food aid cut under President Obama’s policy of “strategic patience,” we were left writing about things that went beyond the scope of food assistance. The newly-titled DPRK Food Policy Blog followed the rise and fall of the June 28 Reforms and began researching the various theories on the causes of famine. The blog also incorporated case studies across time and space to bring light to issues critical to food security. We even pitched in our two cents on the controversial discussion over the morality of DPRK tourism and engagement.

In 2014, we are taking another step forward and opening up our research to key sectors like cross-border trade, energy development, and security. This blog has already been covering issues like monetary policy that were pushing the boundaries of food security, so we thought it was high time to rebrand the blog.

Welcome to Rice and Iron: A blog dedicated to studying the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s search for economic security.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite fellow North Korea observers to reach out to us with articles you would like to see published on this blog. Remember, the marketplace of ideas is only valuable insofar as you participate in it.

Very best,

Rice and Iron editors

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