Interview with Chris Green

I recently conducted an interview with Chris Green for the Worldwise program on

Running at around 50 minutes, we discussed everything from the political situation in North Korea to the prospect of engagement with Pyongyang in a very tense election year both in the United States and South Korea.

Chris Green in particular commented on the oversimplification of the food aid issue by the U.S. State Department – for the veteran observer, while the rejection of the food aid on the basis of unreliable monitoring is justifiable and transparency in aid distribution should be encouraged, diversion of aid to the military is a more complex than Washington’s portrayal. The Korean People’s Army services many social roles and affects almost every household in the country on a level unimaginable in most other countries. Expanding on his earlier analysis on the dilution of domestic prices through foreign aid, Green concludes that people may still receive food aid even with government diversion because the grain distribution system in the country overlaps with military institutions.

This and much more was covered in the interview which I encourage you all to watch.

See it here


About Yong Kwon

I develop trade advocacy strategies for a DC-based consulting firm. Studied economic history at the London School of Economics, and can be found on twitter at @ykwon88
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